General terms

General terms:

- minimum 21 years of age
- minimum 2 years of possession of the driver's license
- identification card or passport and driver's license
- deposit is required for all vehicles and is marked in the price list.

Length of rental

– The minimum rental period is two days (48 hours). Pick up and returning the vehicle must be the same, with a tolerance of 60 minutes delay.
After this comes to charging overdraft new day rental. If the lessee has contracted rental period is shortened, Galaxy Pro rent a car retains the right to charge penalties of up to 2 days rental. The extension of the lease must be timely reported and may be extended only in case that our employee is allow. Rental rate is determined based on the number of days that the contract is concluded. each extension will be charged at the same price of the contract which had previously concluded.

Payment and deposit

Renting a vehicle is payable when you take over the vehicle with a credit card (visa, mastercard), payment to the account (legal entities) or cash.
A deposit during the rental period is mandatory and is marked on the vehicle page.

Prohibitions and unauthorized vehicle management

– It is forbidden to travel with rented car in the following countries and territories: Russia, Belarus, Kosovo, Albania, and Turkey. Insurance does not apply for these areas.
– It is forbidden to drive a car under the influence of alcohol and drugs. In these cases, the insurance does not apply and the customer is charged the full amount of damage / theft.
– Crossing the border of the Republic of Serbia is only possible with permission by Rent-a-car Galaxy Pro.
– Renter should take care of the car. Not allowed to ride off-road, racing, rally driving, towing other vehicles, lending the vehicle to another person and strictly prohibits any kind of replacement parts and any corrections. Any substitution will be considered as damage that will be charged to client.
– Car rental vehicle may be operated only by a person who is registered as a driver in the Rental Agreement.
Permission is granted the opportunity to enroll up to two additional drivers authorized Galaxy pro Rent A Car, upon collection.
– It is forbidden to driving a car, use of unauthorized persons, persons who are not registered in the rental agreement. In these cases, the insurance does not apply and the customer will be charged the full amount of damage / theft.

Procedures in the event of damage, accident or theft of the vehicle.

The client is obliged to do the following:
– Immediately inform the police and Galaxy pro rent a car Beograd of the event and follow their instructions.
– To record information about other participants in the accident or incident.
– Fulfill report an accident / damage when returning the vehicle.
– To write a brief statement describing the causes and circumstances of the accident / damage.
– Car Rental Galaxy Pro is not required to provide a replacement vehicle if the tenant damages the vehicle is their own fault.
– Car Rental Galaxy Pro provides assistance in the way of any defect in their vehicles.

Notice when using rented vehicles

– For minor offenses and penalties as well as parking during rental period are the result of violations of traffic regulations of the Republic of Serbia are solely the responsibility of the tenant. The renter is obliged to acquaint himself with the traffic law of the Republic of Serbia, traffic state in which the vehicle is traveling Galaxy Pro Renta Car agency. – Personal belongings and baggage are not insured and we are not recommend that these things kept in the car when parked.
– GPS navigation do not hold the windshield in a parked vehicle.
– Gasoline consumption is payable by the renter and is obliged to submit invoices for fuel in the event of failure of the vehicle.

Insurance CDW (Collision damage waiver)

CDW insurance is included in the price of rental, and covers 90% of the amount of damages in the case of the guilt of the person who has driven the vehicle at the time of occurrence. The person who drove the vehicle at the time accounted for 10% participation (minimum 50euro) in compensation for damages only in the event that the own fault caused the damage. If the renter is not guilt in causing an accident than it has no involvement in the damage. This insurance does not cover damage to the interior of the vehicle, damage to tires and wheels, broken and / or lost keys, damage caused contamination of fuel and the damage caused intentionally or by negligence. All the listed damage will be charged in full amount at the time when the vehicle is returned.

Insurance TP (Theft protection – insurance against theft of vehicles)

This insurance is included in the price of rental vehicles, and covers damage caused by theft of the vehicle. This insurance does not apply in the case of theft when the vehicle was unlocked or the key was left in the lock of the steering wheel. Also, the client is required in case of car theft to deliver documents and the keys of the vehicle to Galaxy pro Rent a Car Agency. This insurance does not cover theft gps navigation, tires, batteries, documents, keys and other parts

Insurance SCDW (Super Collision Damage Waiver)

The purchase of this insurance is not mandatory, but there is such a popular and highly recommended type of extra insurance. By purchasing this type of insurance a person does not participate in the damage, regardless of the circumstances that led to the damage. Low tariffs and surcharges great relief in the form of accountability makes this type of insurance suitable choice for Users rent a car services. This insurance does not cover damage to the interior of vehicles, damage to tires and wheels, broken and / or lost keys, radio apparatus,damages resulting from contamination of fuel and damage inflicted deliberately or inadvertently. All the listed damage will be charged the full amount (minimum 50.00EUR) at the moment when the vehicle is returned.

POLICE REPORT IS REQUIRED FOR ALL TYPES OF INSURANCE! Without police record full amount of damage and / or theft will be charged from the client, regardless of the type of insurance purchased. Police report is necessary to prepare even in cases where the client was not present when the vehicle damage (eg. the vehicle was damaged in the parking lot of an NN person)