Where can the vehicle be returned?

You can return the vehicle to our office, airport or any address in Belgrade free of charge. There is an additional charge for returning vehicles outside Belgrade.

Is there an additional charge for returning the vehicle to the airport during the night?

There is no additional charge, we work 24 hours a day and everything is included in the price.

Is there a charge if a dirty vehicle is returned?

There is no charge but please keep the outside clean enough to inspect the vehicle when returning.

How long does it take to hand over the vehicle at the airport?

Handing over the vehicle takes approximately 60 seconds.

Where can I refuel when returning the vehicle?

It is necessary to refuel a maximum of 10 km from the place of return of the vehicle. There is a pump at the airport itself and also on the highway from both directions when approaching the airport. If you return the vehicle to the branch then you have 2 pumps at 150m from the company.

How long does it take to unblock a deposit from a card?

If everything is OK with the vehicle, we will unblock the funds immediately after returning the vehicle, but it takes a few working days, depending on the bank, when these funds will be available to you again.

How much time tolerance is allowed between taking over and returning the vehicle?

We strive to provide the best service and for that reason we are not as strict on this issue as some but you will certainly not be charged anything if you are up to 2 hours late.

Is it necessary to sign a document when returning the vehicle?

It is not necessary because if something is wrong then a record would be made.

How early do I need to get to the airport before the flight?

It is best to be 2 hours before the flight to make sure you are not late for the plane. Keep in mind that if you return the vehicle on weekdays in the morning or afternoon, you will lose a lot of time due to the crowds in Belgrade.

How is the deposit returned?

The deposit is refundable in the same way as when you pick up the vehicle. If a deposit is left by card, then the reservation of funds is canceled when returning the vehicle, if it is left in cash, then the same banknotes are returned when returning the vehicle.