What to do if a malfunction occurs?

If there is a breakdown, you need to contact us and we will do our best to find the best option for you in the shortest time. Of course, the replacement vehicle will immediately head towards you.

What to do in case of a car accident?

You need to call the police or if there is a minor traffic accident to fill out a European report and let us know about the situation in order to give me instructions.

What to do if the vehicle keys are lost?

You must contact us to send you spare keys, but please note that you will bear the cost of creating a new key according to the price list of the authorized service.

How to extend car rental?

You can extend the vehicle only with our consent if that vehicle is still free and you pay extra at the price from the contract under which it has already been concluded.

Is it possible to return the vehicle earlier than the date specified in the contract?

You can return earlier but you need to notify us 48 hours in advance and you will be refunded for days you have not used. Keep in mind that there may be a price change per day and you can see that in the price list table.

In which countries can a rented car be used?

All our customers can move in a rented vehicle in all European countries, with the exception of Kosovo, Albania, the Asian part of Turkey and Ukraine, and in these countries, no insurance is valid.

Does the vehicle have a green card?

Each of our vehicles has a green card and you get it with the rented vehicle. A green card is needed only for Bosnia and Herzegovina and Macedonia.

Who is responsible for traffic fines and parking fines?

Only the lessee is responsible for all penalties incurred while using the vehicle. Please pay the traffic and other fines yourself or when returning the vehicle report the fine and leave the money and we will pay for you.

Is smoking allowed in the vehicle?

After each rental, our vehicles are cleaned both outside and inside. Deep washing of vehicles is done 2 times a year and that is why we ask you not to smoke in the vehicle because of the clients after you, so that each of our vehicles is clean and fragrant for all clients.

What is not covered by insurance?

The insurance does not cover damage to the interior of the vehicle, damage to tires and wheels, broken or lost key, damage caused by pouring the wrong cover and damage caused knowingly and intentionally. You are also responsible for 100% damage if you drive under the influence of alcohol or narcotics. A police record is required.

Does the rented vehicle have the required equipment and where is it located?

Each vehicle has the necessary equipment (first aid, triangle, reflective vest, set of bulbs, spare wheel. Everything is in the trunk except the reflective vest that is in the cassette with the passenger because it is by law. NOTE: When returning the vehicle, please indicate if the bulb has been replaced or if you have used some of the equipment to replace it with a new one.